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Volunteer for India, in collaboration with Vidhya Vidhai designed a series of webinars to address the challenges and accelerate learning in the midst of the pandemic. The webinar series – “Volunteer to embrace uncertainty in learning” as the name suggests, was a platform to motivate volunteer teachers and explore different technologies in virtual education.

The webinar series comprised 5 episodes and focused on addressing the challenges faced by teachers in the remote teaching process. The sessions happened via Google Meet and Zoom.

There were a total of 142 participation recorded for the series from 36 different schools across Tamil Nadu. The participants included teachers, school leaders and representatives from education organisations.




22-05-2020 to 30-06-2020


Tamil Nadu

Project Coordinator

Volunteer teachers’ participation gradually increased in each webinar from 36 in the first session to 102 in the fourth session. The volunteer teachers actively engaged in conversations and shared their challenges and views with other teachers in the webinar. The webinar series 1.0 wrapped up on a positive note with volunteer teachers trying the platforms introduced during the webinar.

Ram Prakash K & Regila Marinus   
Founding Members – VFI