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साkshar (Saakshar) is a Hindi word meaning literate.

Our very first and ambitious campaign, साkshar, aims at the all-round development of children. We believe that underprivileged children must be linked to quality education accompanied by sound health and proper nutrition.

We want to build a society where every child gets a proper education especially under privileged kids, who are unable to attend schools due to several constraints.


उद्भव: (Udbhav) is a sanskrit word which means birth.

Our campaign उद्भव: is dedicated to all the wonderful hard working and amazing women of Uttarakhand . There are many myths and taboos related to menstruation in Indian society and it is considered taboo to talk about menstrual and personal hygiene. We strongly feel there is a need to break this stigma so we started this campaign. 

Through this campaign we educate females especially in rural Uttarakhand about the importance of menstrual hygiene. We strictly oppose some practices that are performed during periods in rural areas as the practices are not just harmful for health but also inhumane.

We aim to create a society where no woman loses her life because of an unhygienic lifestyle or lack of knowledge during her period and no young girl is forced to quit her school or college due to lack of basic essentials during her period.


Women Empowerment


Saakshar : 26th July 2020

Udbhav : 27th Aug 2020



Project Coordinator

Our aim and focus is to provide better education opportunities and spread awareness about basic child rights for kids working as child labourers, rag pickers etc in various parts of Uttrakhand.

As our projects are long term projects we are still working on them but we are glad to see some positive responses from people around us.

Apoorwa Karnatic
Founding Member – VFI