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Volunteer for India initiated the COVID-19 Mitigation Training project with the aim of developing community volunteers for social service specifically aimed at providing assistance to home quarantine families and COVID-19 surveillance in the community.

The 70+ participants worked in their communities to create awareness about the COVID-19 community transmission and develop health practices for them.



Project Coordinator

Vazeem Iqbal




The project helped in strengthening the community linkage with public health services on preparedness, prevention, and control. It also helped enhance uptake of response and control of public health measures (safe behaviors and social distancing measures and early self-reporting if symptoms develop) and tracking and addressing of rumors and misinformation.

With the COVID-19 cases rising steadily, all sections of our society must play a role if we are to stop the spread of this disease. Along with frontline health workers, VFI volunteers have the responsibility to reach out and influence within the community.

Vazeem Iqbal
Founding Member – VFI