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Every act of volunteering is an act of kindness. This World Kindness Day, Volunteer for India is aiming to spread kindness across the country through simple acts of volunteering. Be a Kindness Champion and join us in spreading kindness from November 13th to 20th!

Transforming India
through volunteerism!

Volunteer for India began its journey as a project of the US Consulate General in Chennai in February 2020. Thirty three Founding Members, all active contributors to the social sector, representing 15 States and 2 Union Territories came together to bring to life this pan India volunteering movement. Volunteer for India was registered as a non profit organization under the The Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955, in January 2021 and is working towards establishing volunteerism as a national value.


Volunteerism as a
national value


Volunteerism on a global level has been defined as an act of free will with no financial gain in the service of people that one is not related to.

Volunteer for India in One Word.


Moulding Volunteers
Helping individuals identify the volunteer within and create a movement of volunteer leaders.
Developing Communities
Supporting communities to identify and solve pertinent social issues.
Enabling Collaborations
Enabling collaboration between communities, NGOs, government, corporates and volunteers to amplify volunteer impact.
Across India
Creating a pan-Indian movement of inclusive volunteers.

Why volunteer with us ?

Discover the volunteer in you

There is a volunteer in each of us. At Volunteer for India, we work towards moulding volunteers who can contribute towards the progress of India.

Collaborate with non-profits across India

Understand volunteerism better by collaborating with organizations working in the social sector across India, through our projects.

Contribute to developing communities

Put your skills to best use and work with Volunteer for India to develop small communities across the country.

Be part of a pan-Indian volunteer network

Volunteer for India has a volunteer base that covers over 24 states in India. Engage with our extensive volunteer network to learn more about volunteerism.

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