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The Journey

Thirty-three changemakers from across India came together in February 2020 for a four-day immersive workshop to lay the foundations of India’s first national youth volunteer network, Volunteer for India. Driven by the U.S. Consulate in Chennai, it was implemented by a grant through Transformational Sports in partnership with Katradi.

For the remainder of 2020, the founding members worked on pressing social issues involving young volunteers across India, completing 26 projects across 22 states while enabling 1600+ young students to start their volunteering journey.

In 2021, Volunteer for India started its journey as a registered non-profit organisation, under the vision and leadership of two of its Founding Members. VFI aims to strive forward on the path towards creating an ecosystem of inclusiveness and collaboration, promoting a  culture of volunteerism and ultimately creating sustainable, positive and impactful changes across the country.









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I believe it is when we volunteer that we are at our most human self. That is why volunteerism is very relevant especially now because the world needs all the kindness it can get. ‘Practice random acts of kindness’ is a thought that constantly inspires me and this is a philosophy that imbibes into the work I do as well. Working with Volunteer for India has reaffirmed this philosophy of mine. I’ve been able to explore volunteerism across India through the eyes of my fellow founding members and it has shown me how even simple acts of kindness can make a huge impact in the life of people. Moving forward it is this philosophy that I would like to pass onto the vibrant youth across our nation through Volunteer for India.

Gautham Ravindran

Co-Founder and CEO

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Being a volunteer in the educational field for the past 7 years has led me to realize that geography or socio-economic status do not decide the volunteer mindset in you. I am privileged to have traveled along with kids and young adults in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) over these years who are empowered enough to uplift their communities on their own. Volunteer For India has given me a pan-Indian platform for facilitating ‘Volunteerism’ as a valued innate character to every individual in this country. As volunteers, let’s ensure that we create a self-sustained society empowering and empathizing with each other.

Ramalingam Natarajan

Co-Founder and Director

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