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Volunteer for India in collaboration with 360 Degree, The Giraffe Space and The Elephant Ears initiated Listening Circles to provide a safe and non-judgmental place for individuals to vent out their thoughts and feelings as well as create social awareness about mental health thereby bringing social change.

The project provided a safe space for individuals to become comfortable expressing themselves without being judged or criticized. The listening circle aided individuals to de-stress by talking and venting out as well as helped balance them emotionally. More than 100 volunteers were part of the 15+ Listening Circle sessions hosted.




August 20- ongoing



Project Coordinator


Listening Circles worked towards creating awareness about mental health among youth. It also provided a safe space for people to express their feelings and emotions.

In the long-run our aim is to create a society which is non-judgmental, open to others and empathetic as well as aware by training volunteers to organize Listening Circles across India.

Sherin S & Kajal Makwana 
Founding Members – VFI