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Volunteer for India along with Youth for Peace International initiated the Nirvana Youth Peace Lab to strengthen the capacities of youth in conflict transformation and to facilitate their constructive engagement, including through dedicated local, national roadmaps on youth, peace and security. The objective of the training is to advance the participants’ knowledge in volunteerism and enhance their ability to resolve interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts for building a culture of peace in communities.

The 200 participants of the 4 day workshop further participated in a 4-months pilot phase to apply the new skills and learnings and to implement the project they developed during the workshop.


Peace-building &
Conflict Resolution



Project Coordinators

Saumya Agarwal
Ayesha Mohanty
Kruthika N
Nutan Rathod

The participants gained knowledge in concepts related to peace, conflict and violence, and volunteerism. The participants displayed an increased understanding and skills on how to engage with the community and design community intervention strategies during the situation of emergency.

After the training, the participants now have a strong knowledge about the concepts related to peace, conflict and violence and will be able to apply personal management and conflict resolution tools in day to day practice through a self-reflection approach.

Saumya Agarwal, Ayesha Mohanty, Kruthika N & Nutan Rathod
Founding Members – VFI