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For phase 1, the project held a heritage walk hosted by journalist and historian Mr Yunus Lasania, who explained in detail how public negligence towards a historical space has led to its decay, and how we, as active citizens could work towards a cleaner, greener environment, that takes care of its history while looking out for the future. The ideals of Volunteer for India were shared with the attendees by Aajma in a separate session post the clean-up process.

The project plan was to conduct the project over two non-consecutive days, as two separate events, wherein the first event would act as a call for volunteers for the main event which would have integrated environmental conservation with Ultimate Frisbee as a tool to spread awareness in the local community regarding cleanliness and personal hygiene.


Preservation of
Historical Spaces


15th March2020


Fateh Darwaza, near Masjid-e-Qutub Shahi, Golconda, Hyderabad

Project Coordinator


Fifteen participants cleaned up the area, in collaboration with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and spread awareness about COVID-19 among the local community through conversation and distributing masks.

Out of the 15 volunteers who attended Phase 1, 14 have expressed interest in volunteering towards various causes (including, but not limited to history or environment). The event was also successful in communicating about the dangers of the COVID-19 and spreading awareness about the same among the local community.

Aajma Manoj
Founding Member – VFI