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Volunteer for India compiled a report based on secondary data, detailing the impact of COVID’19 on the mental health of doctors in various districts of Rajasthan. The volunteers conducted literature reviews of existing articles and materials as well as analyzed the existing trusted quantitative data sources to form a conclusive report.

The report also included unique ventures undertaken by the districts, and their responses to the pandemic to build a context for studying the impact of COVID’19 on the doctors. The project was in tandem to the aim of VFI to establish a pan-Indian volunteer youth network since the 49 participating volunteers consisted of people from various parts of India as well as highly reputed research organizations.



Project Coordinator

Anoushka Gupta




The project managed to produce a 250+ page comprehensive report critically analyzing the public health infrastructure of the state of Rajasthan and the condition of awareness regarding mental health in India, specifically in the districts of Rajasthan.

The extensive report we created suggests interventions and measures that can be taken to counter the problems, and can be used as a foundation to conduct further on and off field studies on the same topic. The report once refined can also be forwarded to think tanks, and administrative bodies to bring about structural policy changes in India.

Anoushka Gupta
Founding Member – VFI