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Volunteer for India created a Zero-Waste Living module which can be a guiding light to one’s own zero-waste journey. The Zero-Waste Living module offers various solutions and alternatives for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, it gives you a start by explaining the history and importance of being zero-waste in the 21st century.

The module, prepared by a cohort of 50 environment loving volunteers, dives into various sustainability advocacy issues to discuss the problems and possible solutions to global environmental evils. The module is a one-of-a-kind free access point for generating public awareness regarding sustainable living practices, especially in India.

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Waste Management


05th -25th Sept 2020



Project Coordinator


The online module has been viewed in around 10 different countries besides India. The website has received a footfall of over 200 visitors within weeks of launch.

I’m very proud to call the Zero-Waste Living module a unique and free access resource stop for sustainable alternatives in India. There are a few other zero-waste living modules that exist online in India, however, they require purchasing, whereas the module created by VFI allows everyone to increase their awareness free of cost.

Rithwika Verma
Founding Member – VFI