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Good Deeds Leads

Takeaways for Leads

Leads will be gifted 

Good Deeds Day T-shirts

Volunteering Certificates for Leads

successfully completing the events 

Access to the pan India VFI

network and resources 

You can apply to be a Lead if:

1. You are passionate about volunteering and confident in leading a team of volunteers.

2. Can organize a minimum of 4 campaigns between March 16th and May 1st, 2023.

3. Can mobilize a minimum of 10 volunteers for each campaign you organize.

How VFI will support the selected Leads:

1. Provide event templates with clear instructions on how to implement them.

2. Support with volunteer recruitment, if required.

3. If you represent an apartment/school/college/organization and can ensure significant participants, VFI will provide a facilitator from our end on the day of the event, for it’s smooth implementation.

4. Support with creatives and other technical requirements.

5. Quantify and create visibility on the impact created.

The following are some of the events the “Good Deeds Leads” will be supported in implementing in their cities:

Seedball Making

Creating small balls of soil and seeds to promote reforestation and planting them .

Clean up Drives

Removing trash and debris from surroundings to promote environmental conservation.

Old Age Home Visit

Visiting and spending time with elderly residents in nursing homes.

Setting up a Library

Collecting books for children living in orphanages to promote education and literacy.

Resource Collection Drives

Collecting cloths and other provisions for individuals living in shelters.

Food Distribution Drive

Collecting and donating food items to individuals experiencing food insecurity.

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