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Volship Selection Process

Learn more about the Selection Process for Volship Fellows!

Selection Process Timeline

Cohort Selection Phase

AUGUST 15, 2022 - AUGUST 20, 2022
Early Bird Applications for Volship Chapter Leads open. Applications received during this phase will be given priority time slots for interviews, if selected.

AUGUST 21, 2022 - AUGUST 24, 2022
Volship Application Round 2 open.

AUGUST 25, 2022 - AUGUST 28, 2022
Volship Application Round 3 open. This will be the final round. No applications will be accepted after 11:59pm on August 28, 2022.

AUGUST 22, 2022 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2022
Volship Interviews. Selected Early Bird Applicants will be allotted priority time slots.

Announcement of the 3rd Volship Cohort.

Orientation & Ideathon Phase

SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 - SEPTEMBER 11, 2022
Orientation & Induction session for Volship Chapter Leads.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 - SEPTEMBER 18, 2022
Volship 2022 Cycle 2- IDEATHON.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2022
Submission of 8 Week Volship Project proposals.

Volship Project Phase

SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 - OCTOBER 1, 2022
Preparatory week (Research + Volunteer Recruitment)

OCTOBER 2, 2022 - DECEMBER 4, 2022
8 week Volship Initiation Projects.

DECEMBER 14, 2022 to JUNE 14, 2022
Selected Chapters must implement a project that lasts a minimum 6 months. It may be extended beyond the 6 months based on the impact created.

Detailed Selection Process

Phase A : Application Phase

  • Application Form– Your application form will help us understand more about you and your motive towards volunteerism and VFI
  • Virtual Interview – After the successful selection of your application, you will be interviewed by a panel comprising of leaders from the Social Sector. Three best performing candidates each from cities with best applications will be selected for the program as Volship Chapter Leads.

Phase B : Orientation & Ideathon Phase
The Volship Chapter Leads are officially welcomed into the VFI Family of volunteers through a series of formal and informal sessions that includes

  • Virtual Orientation & Induction into VFI
  • A virtual Volship Ideathon where applicants are guided to build together an idea as a team of three, towards a social cause in their base city.
    At the end of this phase, you will submit the implementation plan for the next 8 weeks.

Phase C : Volship Project Phase

  • The plan generated during the Ideathon will be implemented in the next 8 weeks.
  • Each city should work with a minimum of 50 volunteers during this phase.
  • A Grant of 10,000 INR per city will be provided to support through this implementation phase.

Phase D : VFI Chapters

  • Volship Chapter Leads who are interested in continuing their journey are invited to apply for setting up Volunteer for India Chapters in their respective cities.
  • Your 8 week project will be evaluated by experts on the aspects of leadership, quantifiable output and engagement of at least the minimum number of volunteers as promised.
  • Chapters are selected based on the applications received and the evaluation of 8 week Volship projects.
  • Selected Volship Chapter Leads get promoted as Chapter Leads of their particular city to take the VFI movement forward in their city as an official VFI Chapter for a minimum of 6 months.


  1. I do not have prior volunteer experience , can I apply?
    Yes , Volship has both the elements of leadership and volunteerism. If you are passionate towards volunteerism and have identified a leader in you, this journey is for you.
  2. Can an individual apply for the project?
    Each city will have three Volship Chapter Leads working on a project. You can apply as an individual after which you will be paired up with two other leaders, if selected.
  3. Can we apply as a team of three members for the project ?
    No, all aspiring applicants need to submit applications separately.
  4. Can I apply if I already have a job?
    Yes, an individual who is above the age of 18 and already has a job/studying can apply. However, ensure that you are studying/working in the same city you have applied for and will be able to dedicate 8 hours each week for Volship.
  5. Do you have an upper or lower age limit?
    Yes, applicants must be above the age of 18.
  6. What is the overall selection process?
    An online application submission followed by a virtual interview will be the overall selection process for Volship Chapter Leads.
  7. I am new to volunteering, will I be given training?
    We have a detailed induction and orientation process to the VFI volunteering journey. Then you have a Volunteer Ideathon where you will ideate your 8 week plan with assistance from experts. There will also be mentors and VFI national team to support you through the journey.
  8. Will it be just the three of us leading the journey? Will there be additional support?
    Yes, the three Volship Chapter Leads be leading the 8 week project in your city. Please note that you will be creating a team of volunteers under you to support and enable through the 8 weeks. Also, you will be continuously supported by the national support team and a dedicated mentor assigned to your team.
  9. I am not from any of these 20 cities. Will I be eligible to apply?
    The next cycle of Volship will involve more cities. Watch this space for more updates.
  10. Will I be paid a stipend for this project?
    Volunteers work for the 7 figures P-A-S-S-I-O-N.
    No, you are not paid a stipend for this project, but each team is provided with 10,000 INR for the project expenses.
  11. What is Ideathon?
    Ideathon is a virtual event where the Volship Chapter Leads build together an idea as a team, towards a social cause they are inclined towards in their base city. This idea needs to be implemented in the next 8 weeks.
  12. Will there be support during Ideathon?
    Yes, there will be experts guiding you through the process. Also there will be cross sharing & ideating across different city projects.
  13. Can I fundraise apart from the 10,000 INR Grant for the project?
    Yes, you can fundraise money apart from the grant amount using VFI modes and account. Once selected, our administrative teams will help you with the process.
  14. How is Volship Chapter Lead different from Chapter Lead?
    A Volship Chapter Lead will be implementing the eight week project in their city. Based on the performances of the 8 week project, selected Volship Chapter Leads will be assigned the role of Chapter Leads and continue their journey and their city will be announced as VFI CHAPTERS.
  15. What is a VFI Chapter?
    VFI Chapters are city based VFI branches which promote and contribute towards organization vision and mission at the city level.
  16. Will all Volship cities get converted as VFI CHAPTERS?
    The conversion of a city into VFI CHAPTER depends totally on the performance of the 8 week project of that city. There are chances of all Volship cities getting converted as VFI Chapters and chances of no city getting converted too.
  17. How will the 8 week project be evaluated?
    The 8 week projects will be evaluated by experts on the aspects of leadership, quantifiable output, minimum number of volunteers as promised, delegation of authority and collaboration.
  18. What will be the journey after 8 weeks?
    Selected Volship Chapter Leads are assigned the role of Chapter Leads and lead the VFI journey in their city for the next set of volunteer projects for a minimum period of 6 months.
  19. What happens after six months of leadership?
    Volunteerism is a continuous journey. The vision of the organization is “Volunteerism as a National Value”. We move as a VFI family towards this national level vision.
  20. Do I have to continue the journey beyond the eight weeks?
    Yes, you will be committing a total of 9 months of your time, by submitting your application for Volship 2022. Your journey beyond the Volship Project phase depends on the performance of the city. However, if you are unsure about your commitment for the entire course of the nine months, we urge you to apply for upcoming cycles of Volship where you can commit to the entire duration of 9 months to the program.

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