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"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Be an Intern

Volunteer for India is the perfect place to start your journey in volunteerism. During our internship program, you will get ample opportunities to interact closely with experienced volunteers to develop essential skills like project management, effective communication and leadership skills among others. The internship can also be used as a platform to build real world connections which would benefit you at a later stage.

Ultimately, the internship program is designed to pass on a sense of social responsibility that you will carry forward and act on for the rest of your life.






Join a project

Join one of numerous projects being undertaken by volunteer teams across the country. Project internships provide an exciting opportunity to give back to society while gaining invaluable experience working in your area of interest.

Applications opening soon.

Intern with the Administrative Team

Administrative Internships allow interns to work with the administrative team behind the organisation of Volunteer for India. Short-term internship opportunities are available in one of the various administrative roles within the organization including but not limited to Social Media, HR & Recruitment, Finance, PR & Communications and Operations.

Applications opening soon.


Intern at a Chapter

Chapter Internships are aimed at identifying and encouraging individuals in the target cities with strong leadership and management skills. These City level Project Coordinators (CPC) are inducted, oriented and trained for a period of two months while their skills are continuously assessed. During this two month period, the CPC teams of each city are expected to identify a social cause they are passionate about, strategize and lead a project based on the cause. During the course, the CPCs can register to make their city a VFI Chapter, if not already.

Applications opening soon.